La Maison Boîte

Distribution and mediation are essential activities for art centers, as is the production of works. The cneai =, always placing the artist at the heart of the project, offers support in terms of professionalization and production or post-production in the visual arts, in the fields of books, video, short or medium-length films or art in the public space. In this way, tools and networks are made available to artists who need them and whom we can support.

Custom Incubator

An incubator for production and professionalization support has been set up, drawing on the in-house skills of our team members. Artists and writers, as well as art professionals in general, contact us to develop their projects.

Maison Boîte =

maison d’édition +

boite de production

Tasks include project methodology and business model development, editing and production support, and post-production follow-up. The team helps artists who request it, and supports them in fund-raising and calls for applications. In this way, we keep a watchful eye on the market, in parallel with our primary missions of supporting creation and providing mediation for all. This complementary aspect enables us to provide economic support, remain open to any initiative and generate the funds needed for the art center’s activities. La Maison Boîte is a long-term project, and sees the development of the visual arts economy through solidarity, circularity and extension towards interdisciplinarity.

Specific resources

Team members have skills in artistic production, video post-production, cultural engineering, cooperation and financial structuring. People from outside the visual arts field are invited to take part in projects, depending on their skills and know-how, whether they be scientists, local residents, entrepreneurs, etc.

The art center supports projects according to support possibilities and schedules. A percentage is deducted from project budgets, whether existing or raised by the art center.