La Maison Flottante

La Maison Flottante is a habitable flat-bottomed boat, an emblematic work by the architects Denis Daversin and Jean-Marie Finot and by the designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, it is a venue moored in Poses, Normandy. An ideal place for artist residencies and encounters, it represents an ideal working space for associate, creative and territorial artist residencies. The Maison Flottante can also accommodate audiences who are involved in projects and/or wish to take part in regular meetings and presentations. The Maison Flottante also welcomes projects from local residents and communities, in a reciprocal exchange of mutual aid, community living and programming.

Floating residency = research & creation

Artists invited for research and creation residencies at the Maison Flottante are part of the program of exhibitions and events organized by cneai = in Île-de-France, and carry out specific events in Poses, in conjunction with local partners. They work on their personal projects and are invited to organize a public event -conference, performance, studio opening, or other, depending on the artist-, planned in advance of the residency and leading to specific remuneration.

La résidence posée = springboard & craftsmanship

Artists are invited, or selected through calls for applications, to come and produce in Poses in connection with the social and entrepreneurial fabric of the Seine-Eure conurbation. A strong local commitment to arts and crafts is an asset for artists with projects in specific media. The cneai = team provides support in production and distribution for the most emerging artists, both before and after their residency.

A work by the Bouroullec brothers

In 2006, to mark the tenth anniversary of cneai =, a public commission from the French Ministry of Culture was set up to complete the art center’s initial development program, which included artists’ studios. As the local urban development plan of the town of Chatou no longer allowed for construction, the project was designed on water and named the Maison Flottante. Created by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec with Denis Daversin and Jean-Marie Finot, the Maison Flottante is a houseboat designed in Le Havre, comprising a living space, a studio and two terraces. It was moored from 2007 to 2020 on the banks of the Île des Impressionnistes in Chatou, then moored in Poses, Normandy, thus continuing its primary mission of welcoming artists in residence in a superb natural setting.

Stays & families

Residents, artists, authors and partners who so request are invited to continue their current projects, over a period of a few days, according to the months available for this purpose and dedicated each year in advance. In the same way as for all projects, a public event is organized in Poses or at a nearby partner’s premises.
Families can be welcomed at the Maison Flottante, in accordance with the best practice guide for welcoming families, drawn up by Arts en résidence - Réseau national.

Specific resources

Artists and authors are invited to reside for 1 month.
Grant of 2,000 euros, 1,000 euros for production, plus travel expenses. Specific remuneration is provided for public time during or at the end of the residency.

An Information and Initiatives Committee was set up to plan the occupation of the Maison Flottante and the organization of on-site performances. In this way, partners and residents participate openly in the project.

With the support of: Ville de PosesAgglomération Seine-EureDépartement de l’Eure.


52 Chemin du Halage
27740 Poses
Eure / Normandie