La Maison Internationale

The cneai = premises at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, located in the west wing of the Maison internationale, are the art center’s head office. The spaces are used for meetings, exhibitions and screenings. The park, certain cultural venues and unusual spaces surrounding this central building are also potential locations for residencies, exhibitions and exchanges with the public.

Exhibitions & events

A program of exhibitions and events is designed according to the themes addressed by the artistic and cultural project. Each year, a closer link is maintained with the houses and establishments, as well as with the cultural initiatives and audiences that populate this teeming, multicultural territory. Actions carried out: exhibitions on cneai = premises, according to the artistic and cultural project / Art Club, visits with specific CiuP audiences / Festivals of performances and encounters, both outdoors and indoors / Hanging of works in CiuP spaces according to projects.

Associate artists

Every year, cneai = programs an associate artist residency. This is an opportunity for a writer to be welcomed for a long period of time, with the aim of benefiting from a period devoted to research and production, and having the opportunity to participate in the programming of the premises. The guest artist takes as his or her starting point a specific location at the heart of the CiuP, and can use the Maison Flottante as a base from which to take the time needed to develop new works. Throughout the season, the cneai = team works with the associate artist to create mediation initiatives and educational tools for local partners and cultural, socio-cultural and popular education players. A solo exhibition is held at the Cité and/or in a partner venue, according to needs and possibilities.

Specific resources

Artists are remunerated in accordance with the remuneration scales drawn up by DCA, the federation of art centers, and Arts en résidence - Réseau national. Each exhibition produces one or more works, depending on the project.

One artist is invited each year, in line with the definition in the Ministry of Culture’s 2016 circular and in application of the Arts en résidence - Réseau national ethical charter, to apply best practices.


Cité internationale universitaire de Paris
21 Boulevard Jourdan
75014 Paris
Maison internationale
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