Le musée sans bâtiment

Yona Friedman
20.06.26 → 20.09.20

Parc La Grange - Genève
Commissioner Biennial: Balthazar Lovay
Project Manager: Nader Seraj
In artistic collaboration with cneai = and Sylvie Boulanger

The Museum Without Building, created by Yona Friedman, consists of around twenty cubes, designed using large steel hoops - 185 cm in diameter - freely arranged on the ground. “They serve as a support for artworks created from packaging or other objects: graphic works, collages, photographs, or graffiti partly made by the public.” — Yona Friedman

Le Musée Sans Bâtiment is open for everyone to use. Each person constructs or brings furniture “from the collection of objects thrown away daily.” These modules can be called Furniture +, meaning spaces the size of a piece of furniture plus the necessary space for its use. “This allows for the invention of a new urbanism, that of self-planning.”

Self-planning means trusting improvisation: Furniture + adapts over time, following the principles of mobile architecture and spatial city developed between 1959 and 2018 by Yona Friedman.

Following the success of its first edition in the summer of 2018, the new Geneva Sculpture Garden biennial is held for the second time from June 26 to September 20 in the heart of the city, presenting Yona Friedman’s Le Musée Sans Bâtiment. In 2020, under the curatorship of Balthazar Lovay, former director of Fri Art Kunsthalle, Fribourg, the Biennial showcases around thirty large-scale sculptures, many produced specifically for the exhibition by young artists. Sculpture Garden unfolds in three beautiful and highly frequented public spaces during the summer: Parc des Eaux-Vives, Parc La Grange, and Quai Gustave-Ador. Yona Friedman’s Le Musée Sans Bâtiment will be installed in Parc La Grange and activated under the artistic direction of Nader Seraj in collaboration with cneai =.


Yona Friedman was born in 1923 in Budapest. He lives in Paris (FR) and Pasadena (US). Architect, theorist, writer, and artist, Yona Friedman is one of the most important and influential thinkers in the history of 20th and 21st-century architecture. He has invented several visionary concepts such as “mobile architecture,” “spatial city,” “feasible utopia,” and “self-planning.” Yona Friedman’s latest edition is being showcased during the Nuit Blanche: “Biosphere, The Global Infrastructure,” Yona Friedman, Cneai Editions, 2018.

Yona Friedman’s Le Musée Sans Bâtiment is created under the auspices of the Denise and Yona Friedman Endowment Fund with the support of Artgenève in collaboration with MAMCO and the City of Geneva.

cneai = thanks Marianne Polonsky Friedman for her ongoing trust.

More information at: sculpturegarden.ch/locations

Practical Information:
{If you wish to propose a spontaneous activation of Le Musée Sans Bâtiment, you can send an email to: msb.sculpturegarden@protonmail.ch}

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