Vacuité#1 Slide-show architecture

Yona Friedman
20.04.14 → 20.09.30

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The cneai = publishes online each month an artist’s video edited since 1997, thus creating its Video Art Club: VACuité. The accessibility of these videos, which now belong to various collections, is freely available online on the cneai =’s Vimeo video club.

VACuité #1 features Yona Friedman’s video Slide-show Architecture (2017, La Huit – cneai =), a slideshow drawn by Yona Friedman in the form of a comic strip. In this slide-show, architect, sociologist, and anthropologist Yona Friedman explores ways of inhabiting the earth. The electro-acoustic composition accompanying the slideshow was created by Max-Louis Raugel, using sounds generated from building maintenance materials.

Defender of disciplined anarchy and realistic utopia, Yona Friedman transcends disciplinary boundaries. Rich in paradoxes beneath its apparent simplicity, the concepts of spatial city and mobile architecture proposed by Yona Friedman do not describe a societal model but rather a process of self-decision. Detached from any ideology, Yona Friedman expresses a contextually relevant thought with humor and sharpness, characteristic of his approach. The right to understand and interpret according to one’s own experience are the passwords underpinning a holistic, systemic, and particularly political philosophy.

( link: text: Slide-show Architecture) by Yona Friedman (2017).

Original soundtrack by Max-Louis Raugel.

Available on the DVD: ( link: text: Yona Friedman (180’ – 2017 – color) An indisciplined inhabitant.)

A film by Gilles le Mao with Yona Friedman.

Interviews conducted by Sylvie Boulanger.

La Huit – cneai = Edition RRP: €25.

Practical Information:
{Online event accessible to all on Vimeo.}