Personne ne sort les fusils

Sandra Lucbert

Librairie l’Atelier
Watch or rewatch online the evening of Thursday, September 17 at the bookstore l’Atelier that hosted Sandra Lucbert on the occasion of the release of her latest book “Personne ne sort les fusils” (No One Brings Out the Guns), a chilling reflection revisiting the violent management of the France Télécom company, published by Seuil Editions on August 20, 2020.

From May to July 2019, the France Télécom-Orange trial took place. Seven executives were accused of orchestrating the mistreatment of their employees, sometimes leading to their death. They were extensively questioned, made to explain a lot. It was no use: they couldn’t see the problem. They even had the impression of having successfully carried out the operation.”

Listen to Sandra Lucbert’s teaser here.

Watch or rewatch the entire evening here.

Staged and recorded by Collective 49701. Video capture during the author’s residency at CNEAI = with the support of the Île-de-France region as part of the regional writer’s residency program, in partnership with Collective, café associatif (Aubervilliers).

{Atelier Bookstore, 2 Bis rue Jourdain 75020, Paris, at 8 p.m.}

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