5 pauses à Poses

Blandine BarthélemyCéline DuvalSerge Elleinstein
20.08.19 → 20.09.01

Maison Flottante, Poses
“5 Breaks in Poses” is an event on and around the Floating House of the cneai = located in Normandy. Featuring Blandine Barthélemy, Céline Duval, and Serge Elleinstein.

You are all invited to the Cneai’s Floating House in Poses, Normandy (Quai de la Seine, between the camping site and the Museum of Inland Shipping) and the nautical base of Léry-Poses.

5 pauses entail five moments, five public days, on and around the cneai’s Floating House moored in Poses, Normandy. The Floating House, an artist’s residence and art library, was created by designers Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec in 2006 for the cneai = (National Center for Art Image Edition).

Céline Duval, Blandine Barthélemy, and Serge Elleinstein, artists and authors, will engage with the public on the theme of travel, imagery, and the journey of the image. These encounters will revolve around a “low-tech” concept, without flow, without energy, featuring image projections, workshops composed of image dialogues, narratives to construct in images, and desires for journeys inspired by the world tour of Blandine Barthélemy. The artists aim to seize the opportunity to address questions posed by a world at a standstill, far from continuous streams of images and data.

Rediscover that we need little to see much. Understand that stopping is an opportunity, not a constraint. Agree that a society of speed is a society of disengagement. Free entry, come as you are! Encounters open to all audiences.

Public meetings with authors on August 19, 20, 30, 31, and September 1, 2020, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on the theme of travel, imagery, and the journey of the image.

As part of chance encounters, in partnership with Rmn-Grand Palais with the support of the Ministry of Culture as part of the Learning and Cultural Summer.

Céline Duval (1998 to 2018), through the images she selects, documentation céline duval (doc-cd.net) creates an iconographic universe. Among other things, it explores suspended time, eroticism, heaviness, and moments of grace. It delves into our bodies under the influence of their own photography. After 20 years of editorial creations, the author moves from her image collection to the garden. From recording the past to the metamorphoses of life, from photography to photosynthesis, there is only one step. In 2020, with Blandine Barthélemy, they created the association LE VAL DES POSSIBLES, to further an art of existence consciously rooted in an overall ecology of life and reinvent substantial cultural sharing.

Blandine Barthélemy (2015 to 2020), traveled the world on a kick scooter: 60,000 km of solitary wandering and years of wild wandering as an empirical way to investigate “the good life.” It’s during a physical and humanist odyssey blending the deconditioning of modern sedentary lifestyles, vagabond asceticism, and adventure narratives that the most critical lessons about freedom unfold. Returning to Normandy to take root, maturing the lessons from the adventure for writing and sharing her experience, learning a new sedentary life aiming for self-sufficiency through permaculture gardening and simple gestures, all continue her ethical quest. In July 2020, she founded the association LE VAL DES POSSIBLES with Céline Duval.

Serge Elleinstein is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and author. He writes equally documentary and fictional stories.

{From August 19th to September 1st at the Floating House in Poses, Normandy.}

{Rmn-Grand Palais} {Ministère de la Culture}