A Multiple Room You May Have Missed / Laurent Roque

Amalia LaurentDelphine Roque
23.12.01 → 24.02.08

Laurent Roque is a character created by artist Amalia Laurent and architect Delphine Roque, who designs installations in situ. In Laurent Roque’s world, spaces are not defined by function, but by fiction. At cneai = Laurent Roque repeats the ritual of the exhibition series A Room You May Have Missed, hosting audiovisual, sound and spatial performances for three months, in dialogue with the Cité Universitaire’s community life.

Laurent Roque X cneai = present an exhibition composed of several pieces. After London, Paris, and Milan, A Room You May Have Missed expands and settles at cneai =. Conceived as an installation, the artwork allows visitors to use it in different ways, exploring the space. The main tent, covered in white fabric, serves as a space for play and exchange. Conceived as fictional places, the pieces arranged by Laurent Roque offer conducive spaces for storytelling and interactions. To engage in the life of this place, visitors must sign up at the exhibition entrance, marked by a sundial indicating the timeframe. They can enjoy and utilize the spaces.

(by registration within available spots)
Come and occupy the space with your association, friends, or alone to read, work, play, rest, debate, or discuss. Noisy activities such as music are allowed every day during opening hours between 2 PM and 3 PM. Space users must provide a photograph of their use of the space. A camera is provided. Registration at the exhibition entrance in the notebook. Registration allows usage of the space for as long as desired.

For any information, contact MÉLISSANDE: PUBLIC@CNEAI.COM