Ateliers EAC - Lycée Guillaume-Apollinaire, Thiais

Amalia Laurent
23.12.05 → 24.02.08

Amalia Laurent’s residency project at cneai = aims to build a library that we can’t see, but which is projected onto our retina through music. The aim is to create or recall sound landscapes, whether imaginary or rooted in our daily lives. Amalia Laurent’s workshops question our relationship with the senses, our way of expressing and archiving them, and their appearance in our vision. How do we classify, catalogue and archive these landscapes? The workshop sessions between the artist and the students involve reflecting on the different moments during which these apparitions develop, in order to build up a bank of invisible landscapes. These workshops will build up a shared archive based on the students’ disciplines and specializations (humanity, literature and philosophy, music, history-geography).


Each workshop begins with a presentation of cneai = and the collaboration between cneai = and Amalia Laurent as part of the Île-de-France regional artist residency program. The introductory sessions allow the artist to present her work and career path to the students, while introducing the themes that run through them. The anchor points of his reflections will enable him to sketch out an extension of his work within the workshops with the students. By presenting his work, the artist introduces his thoughts and inspirations to the students, enabling them to produce a contribution (written, sound or visual at the end of the session). Pupils are asked to identify the moments when familiar or imaginary landscapes appear, and to describe them using their own skills (writing, speech, composition, drawing, etc.).


Workshops differ according to the classes with which the artist collaborates. HLP final-year students begin the creative cycle with a written production. They have to describe in writing the landscape that comes to mind when they listen to music. The music option class continues this dialogue between landscape and music. They draw inspiration from their classmates’ descriptions to create musical compositions. This cycle of workshops was brought to a close by the second-year students in their history-geography class. They mapped the work done by the other classes, rethinking the role of maps. The workshops culminated in an invitation to the cneai = for the students and their teachers to attend the closing of the exhibition A Multiple Room You May Have Missed by Laurent Roque, a duo that includes Amalia Laurent.


= Introduce students to contemporary art and its creation;
= Encourage encounter and exchange with a visual artist;
= Encourage students to develop their oral and written expression;
= Encourage creativity, analysis and autonomy autonomy;
= Encourage mutual aid, collaboration, acceptation of otherness through teamwork;
= Encourage the development of self-confidence through artistic practice;
= Discover the artist’s profession and the work of an art center;
= Encourage dialogue between high school students at different levels and in different specialties;
= Establish links between the artist’s work and the major themes in the curriculum.


Lycée Guillaume Apollinaire ( General and technological)
Thiais, (94)
1,250 pupils and 250 students
3 classes involved in the project : Terminale HLP specialization (23 students), Première/Terminale music option (10 students), Seconde general (35 students)
6 teachers involved: philosophy, literature, music, history and geography, documentalist.