Meet artist-in-residence Lauralie Naumann.
In a cross-disciplinary approach, a number of cultural proposals form an itinerary in the commune of Poses, between barge heritage, artistic proposals and the river. Between yesterday and today, between land and water, the Association de la batellerie de Poses, Dans le Sens de Barge, the Association de l’église de Saint Quentin and the cneai = Maison Flottante present : Paysage de Seine à Poses.


An original proposal supported by Bernard Leroy, President of the Seine-Eure conurbation,
and Georgio Loiseau, Mayor of Poses.

  • Meeting with artist-in-residence Lauralie Naumann

    Maison Flottante - cneai = Art center
    /// Date: May 18, 2pm to 7pm
    /// Location: 52 Chemin du Halage, Poses
    On the occasion of the artist’s residency, Lauralie Naumann offers to open the doors of the Maison Flottante, a work designed by the Bouroullec brothers in 2006.
    Lauralie Naumann, who graduated from ESADHAR in 2021, lives and works in Rouen. During her residency, she works with other artists. Through their technical mastery and knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes, partnerships with these professionals provide fertile ground for a harmonious dialogue between innovation and tradition. Lauralie Naumann works mainly with Louise Delacroix, carpenter and artist.

  • The Remarkable Bitters exhibition

    Association Dans le Sens de Barge
    /// Dates: May 17 to July 31
    /// Location: along the Seine between the dam and the Midway boat (association de la batellerie de Poses)
    As part of Normandie Impressioniste 2024, Barge presents: “Amers remarquables”.
    This term describes built or natural elements, often overpainted, visible when approaching a coastline, and which create a landmark for calculating the navigation trajectory. Based on four navigation markers on the Seine, 57 artists each imagined a perceptible proposal for the river. The result is a collection of possible, poetic or utopian artistic landmarks.

  • The monographic exhibition

    by Impressionist painter Marcel Niquet (1889-1968)

    Association de la batellerie de Poses
    /// Dates: May 18 to 19, 2 to 6 p.m., opening May 17, 6 p.m.
    /// Location: Foyer du Nivernais, rue du Nivernais
    Promoted by the Association de la Batellerie de Poses, the exhibition by Poses artist Marcel Niquet brings together 60 works, most of them produced in his native village along the Seine between 1920 and 1960. He took part in the Salon des Artistes rouennais (he was a member of the Société des artistes rouennais until 1931) and the Salon des Indépendant between 1927 and 1937.

  • Saint Quentin Dans Tous Ses États

    Association de l’église de Saint Quentin
    /// Dates: open house Saturday May 18 to Sunday May 19, 2 to 5:30 p.m.
    /// Location: Église de St Quentin
    Exhibition of photographs hung in the church by the local photographers’ collective.


  • 18 May - 11am: A guided walking tour of the towpath and the Amers Remarquables exhibition, starting from the quai du barrage. Speakers: Véronique Follet - Dans le Sens de Barge and Anne-Marie Ashbrook - Association de la Batellerie de Poses.
  • 18 May - 3am: Blessing of the new SNCM boat. The celebration takes place in front of the town hall in the presence of officials.
  • 18 May de 2am to 7pm: Meet Lauralie Naumann, artist in residence at 52 Chemin du Halage in Poses, at the Maison Flottante - cneai = Centre d’art. Lauralie Naumann will open the doors of the Maison Flottante, where she is in creative residency, and give a short workshop at 2:30pm.
  • 18 May - 4pm: A guided walking tour (duration 1h30) of the group exhibition from Place de la République to Midway. Speakers: Christophe Cuzin - Dans le Sens de Barge and Anne-Marie Ashbrook - Association de la Batellerie de Poses.
  • 18 et 19 May - 5:30pm: 2 guided tours of the church and St Quentin in all its glory, on Saturday and Sunday. Speaker: Hélène Gana
  • 18 May - 19 May de 2pm to 6pm: Visit the Musée de la Batellerie aboard the Fauvette and Midway. The museum will be exceptionally open on Sunday May 19.
  • 19 May à 12am: Banquet champêtre: shared picnic on the lawn in front of the church. Each participant brings a dish to share or not, and drinks on site.


  • Association de la batellerie de Poses

    Created by the Association des anciens et amis de la batellerie de Poses, founded on November 5, 1988, this association is dedicated to bringing the history of inland waterway transport to life. The association was created when the tug FAUVETTE, dating from 1928, was restored, and today its mission is to maintain this historic monument, listed in May 1992 and owned by the commune of Poses. The association’s aim goes even further, with the opening in 1995 of its Museum on board the Midway (a Freycinet built in 1954), where period documents, objects and models help to convey the past and present of the river trades for tourism and education.

  • Dans le Sens de Barge

    The Dans le Sens de Barge collective plans to build a navigable boat that will be both a production site for a traveling artistic residency on the Seine, and a dockside exhibition space. Going beyond administrative boundaries, its cross-disciplinary projects promote social and cultural links along the river. The collective builds its programming with partners along the river - museums, art centers and educational venues. Working with numerous local authorities, institutions, businesses and higher education establishments, the association questions the continuity of this territory: its ecosystem, its history, its culture and its know-how.

  • Les amis de l’église Saint-Quentin de Poses

    The aim is to preserve the Poses church and contribute to its enhancement by organizing cultural events for local residents, and to raise funds for heritage preservation.