Le collectionneur - Collège Hyacinthe Langlois

Antoine Duchenet
23.03.01 → 23.04.30

The Artistic and Cultural Education (EAC) project “Le Collectionneur”, set up by Antoine Duchenet and Pauline Rima, aims to involve pupils from Collège Hyacinthe Langlois in Pont-de-l’Arche in the design of a printed edition that bears witness to a first approach to the work of creating and organizing a collection. Students will discover works from the Cneai collection and work with artists to observe and understand them, in order to consider the collection as an act of creation. These works will also serve as a support for the students, guiding them in their experiments. This project enables students to develop artistic, communicative and organizational skills, while positioning them in a particular area according to their identified difficulties.

Associated artists


Antoine Duchenet is an artist based between Paris and Caen. He is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (DNSAP) and the École supérieure des arts et médias de Caen (DNSEP).
For several years now, he has been pursuing a pictorial research project involving several media. From painting, confined to its most tangible and hackneyed space, that of the canvas, to more diffuse territories such as scenography, the arrangement of objects, collecting, or instant photography, his work is constructed and deployed essentially through series. Their respective logics and simultaneity in practice provide her with a means of investing the field of painting and its attributes - a painting of and on the reserve, inhabited by the object and its separation.


Pauline Rima is an artist based in Caen. She is a graduate of the École supérieure des arts et médias de Caen and is currently a resident at the Manoeuvre collective workshop. Her work has recently been shown in solo exhibitions such as “Physionomie technicolor” at SecondRoom (Antwerp) and “J’ai fait la soustraction du rose dans ma vie” at Médium Argent (Rouen). His
past group shows include 13,22 par Maison contemporain at Espace Bertrand Grimont (Paris); “Fait divers” as part of the Théâtre des expositions des Beaux-Arts de Paris, “Blame it on my youth” at Galerie 24b (Paris), and “Du haut d’un arbre au milieu de la tempête” at l’artothèque, espaces d’art contemporain de Caen.

College workshops

The aim of this workshop is to introduce students to contemporary art. Over the course of 2022-2023, the Centre d’art will support and host two classes from Hyacinthe Langlois secondary school in Pont-de-L’Arche in the creation of an exhibition based on works borrowed from the Centre d’art. Accompanied by two artists, the schoolchildren will discover contemporary art over a period of time, learn about different professions (artists, curators, critics, mediators), be introduced to artistic practice (drawing, modeling, writing, dancing or singing), engage in dialogue with students from other disciplines and visit a cultural institution in the Normandy region.
There are several stages to their visit:

  • a session to discover and select works
    of the cneai =
  • in-class appropriation and artistic practice sessions
  • scenography and hanging sessions preparation for the vernissage.