Ateliers au théâtre - École maternelle et primaire du Pivollet

Nicholas Vargelis
23.03.01 → 23.05.31

Workshops at the theater

Nicholas Vargelis carried out a choreographic awareness campaign at the Théâtre de l’Arsenal with pupils from the Pivollet nursery and elementary schools, Val-de-Reuil. The artist organized 12 days of artistic workshops, totalling 30 hours.

Associated artist


Nicholas Vargelis lives in Aubervilliers and New York. The notion of infrastructure is central to his approach. Common to all forms of habitat, lighting networks, systems and techniques fascinate him. Rails, lamps, circuits, buttons, wires and bulbs are commonplace everyday objects, present in every home, but their aesthetic evolves with standards, rules and cultures, often without our knowledge.