La Robe n°2

Pierre Paulin

Bibliothèque Smith-Lesouëf
Launching of Pierre Paulin’s dress No. 2, where his interest in writing materializes within the dress. This unique editorial project aims to accompany the artist’s visual production and weave a thread between various collaborators and the references that inspire him.

As an editorial and self-reflective social link, the dress seeks to exist in various ways depending on the economies in which it will be situated over time—sometimes through institutional collaborations, like the first two editions produced with cneai = and the Foundation of Artists, occasionally in smaller print runs within self-production contexts.

For the launch of dress No. 2 on Saturday, February 8th, Pierre Paulin invites François Aubart to discuss his text published in dress No. 2: The Scent of Things We Love. A reading is presented by Claire Martinet (translator of “dress No. 2”) of the text Introspection in a Voice in a London Bookstore, 1998, written to be read aloud by Maxime Boidy and Pierre Paulin.

Supported by the Foundation of Artists, as part of a discursive program by cneai = at Bibliothèque Smith-Lesouëf.


Pierre Paulin’s research and production residency at Compagnie Française du Bouton in 2018-2019 was led by cneai = with the support of the Ministry of Culture - DRAC Île-de-France as part of the “Art and Worlds of Labor” artist residency program in companies, in partnership with Réseau Entreprendre 93.

Free entry, subject to available seating.

Information: and +33 1 48 71 90 07.

{Saturday, February 8th, at Bibliothèque Smith-Lesouëf with François Aubart and Claire Martinet.}

{Fondation des Artistes} {Ministère de la Culture - Drac Île-de-France} {Réseau Entreprendre 93} {Compagnie Française du Bouton}