Journée d'étude ArTec quel corps spatial ?

Marie-Pier BoucherValérie CiarlettiKitsou DuboisSégolène GuinardFlis HollandAdriana KnoufMinna Langström

Centre Wallonie-Brussels

Following the series of meetings organized by Leonardo/Olats, in collaboration with Manuela de Barros’ research program at the University Paris 8, ArTec, and the cneai =, and under the direction of Annick Bureaud and Manuela de Barros, this study day combines diverse and intersecting voices of artists, theorists, and scientists for a new approach to space in the Anthropocene era that encompasses bodies and beings in a multidimensional and evolving vision. It addresses the question of the body in outer space, encompassing the human body in all its dimensions, the bodies of non-human life (animals, plants), the surrogate bodies such as robots, and the inorganic celestial bodies of asteroids and planets.

Featuring Marie-Pier Boucher, Valérie Ciarletti, Kitsou Dubois, Ségolène Guinard, Flis Holland, Adriana Knouf, Minna Langström

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Centre Wallonie-Brussels
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