Les Maisons Volantes

Artistic and cultural education is at the heart of these houses, which are set up in schools as well as with social and medical partners. These collective creative projects and/or installations from the cneai Multiples collection = are exhibited in the schools, according to the specific skills of the young people (from general to vocational courses) and the accompanying artist. Visits to exhibitions during the school year form a genuine cultural pathway, combining the discovery of current practices with curatorial choices.


Interventions take place throughout the Paris region and Normandy, with priority given to school audiences and established partnerships. This format is based on a project for which the selected artist is the main designer, in relation to his or her artistic work and skills. The project is built around an exhibition of the cneai’s Multiples collection = a selection is made by the collective.
These projects are unifying and often decisive in their career path, according to feedback from the teaching teams. In certain vocational fields where manual skills are taught, the projects carried out by cneai = enable students to discover the apprenticeship of trades from a different angle, and are fully integrated into the school curriculum.


cneai = emphasizes mobility, solidarity and decompartmentalization. The contemporary art center’s projects are not concentrated in a single fixed location, but are developed in the various territories it covers, from the Île-de-France region, through Normandy, to the international arena. In this way, the cneai = is able to expand beyond its walls in a spirit of openness and interconnection. The aim is also to promote the association of different disciplines to build joint projects that highlight research, production and the dissemination of art. With this in mind, cneai = collaborates with artists and supports them in residencies and artistic and cultural education projects.

Specific resources

Artists are paid in accordance with current rates. Supervision provided by an art center staff member.

The works in the Collection Multiples are pre-selected by cneai = and the artists, then presented and selected by the participants.