Les Maisons Monde

Shifting the focus and taking a step back are essential to the development of visual and/or theoretical work. These research and creative residencies are carried out around the world, either unilaterally or as cross-fertilizations, in order to initiate cooperative ventures that can extend over medium to long periods. Conceived as tools for pooling, moving and exchanging, they represent essential means of reaching out to other scenes, other practices, other networks and new means of long-term dissemination.

Residencies and broadcasts

Maisons du Monde are places of residence and international cooperation with various partners. They are determined according to the respective objectives and needs of the project. The residences are located in places offering a unique perspective on the environment, whether in the city, the countryside or by the sea.


These international or long-distance projects (including overseas territories), involving residencies, productions and broadcasts, are often established through a number of partnerships. This is known as cooperation, or even cultural engineering. Depending on the local and/or international partner, projects are developed in conjunction with local residents and/or research teams and/or the social fabric. Links with local artistic teams - associations, galleries, institutions, companies - are necessary to establish contact with the local artistic milieu, so as to guarantee that the artists hosted are truly integrated into these networks.

Specific resources

Artists are selected in conjunction with project partners, according to distance, resources and context. Artists are invited to reside for 1 month. Grant: 2,000 euros honorarium. Production: according to project. Travel and per diem paid.

Public events with local residents and curious onlookers are organized during or after the residency, according to the artist’s rhythm and productions.