“Carlota Sandoval Lizarralde’s practice is interstitial. The artist navigates between the assemblage of collected objects, oil pastel drawing and performance in an attempt to narrate the unspeakable experience of migration. […] Her work reflects a perpetually transitory state: motifs intermingle, languages interfere, memories of adolescence intrude on collective narratives. […]” (excerpt from a text by Virginia Quadjovi).

Born in 1996 in Bath (UK) and of Colombian nationality, Carlota Sandoval Lizarralde lives and works in Paris. She is a graduate of ENSA Villa Arson (Nice). She is the winner of the Prix Pierre Cardin in sculpture from the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 2021 and of the Passerelles mentoring program from the association Contemporaines in 2022. She has benefited from residencies at Villa Belleville (Paris), Consulat Voltaire (Paris) and Maison Artagon (Loiret). In 2024, she will be in residence at the Cité internationale des arts in Montmartre (Paris) and will take part in the 8th edition of Création en Cours with Ateliers Médicis. Her work has been presented at the Consulat Voltaire, the Centre d’Art de la Villa Arson (Nice) and the Château du Marquis de Sade (Luberon).

Carlota Sandoval Lizarralde grew up in Bogotá (Colombia) until the age of 17 in a culture mixed with indigenous and Western influences (inherited from Spanish colonization and American hegemony). Her practice is a research into the history of her migration. Carlota is interested in split families and the way identity evolves according to the territories it crosses. Through sculpture, painting and performance, Carlota evokes immigration, belonging, intergenerational transmission, life at a distance, plural identity and the in-between. Her research focuses on a phenomenon she calls “cross-border transmission”.