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Anna BunoRafael SerranoCarlota Sandoval Lizarralde
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High school collectors
The general principle is that of an art library. Like a library that lends books, the cneai = lends works of art from the Multiples collection to participating high school students. Like young collectors, the students benefit from privileged access to the works. They are encouraged to observe, analyze, manipulate and question the works in order to choose and borrow them. Once this decisive first step has been completed, the selected works are returned to the school grounds. Accompanied by the cneai = team, a visiting artist and their teachers, they will experience all the stages, decisions and surprises that lead to the creation of an exhibition. Students take turns curating, managing, mediating and designing! Together, they create their own exhibition at the heart of their school. It’s a collective effort that takes shape at the vernissage, to which all the school’s students, families, friends, neighbors and partners are invited to discover the works on display.

Associate artists

anna buno is an artist-researcher. Her work focuses on art inquiry, the archive, the memory contained in ordinary places, and contemporary drawing, particularly in relation to the schema and the graphic note. Her lecture-performances and installations combine sound, video, drawing and objects.

“Carlota Sandoval Lizarralde’s practice is interstitial. The artist navigates between the assemblage of collected objects, oil pastel drawing and performance in an attempt to narrate the unspeakable experience of migration. […] Her work reflects a perpetually transitory state: motifs intermingle, languages interfere, memories of adolescence intrude on collective narratives. […]” (excerpt from a text by Virginia Quadjovi).

Rafael Serrano is a Venezuelan artist based in Paris since 2013. Using photography as a starting point, his research confronts different orders that result in zones of porosity, paying particular attention to the notion of degradation.

+ THE STUDENTS of the high school Lycée professionnel Auguste-Perdonnet de Thorigny-sur-Marne

From the Multiples Collection

The collection available for loan comprises 300 multiples created by 62 artists. These multiples are by well-known and emerging artists, designers, architects and poets, half of them French or living in France. They have been produced as part of residencies at Cneai since 1997. All deal with issues ranging from the status of the author to the notion of authenticity, from media attention to the notion of the network, from the principle of production to the notion of stock, from appropriation to quotation or plagiarism, and all raise the question of the work’s future. They provide an opportunity to tackle the notions of publishing, engraving, artists’ books, fanzines, the value of art, the art market, etc… Many of these works have already been borrowed, acquired and exhibited in museums, galleries and other art centers: Centre Pompidou, CAPC Bordeaux, Moma New York, MAMCO Geneva, Tate Gallery London.

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