Antoine Duchenet is an artist based between Paris and Caen. He is a graduate of the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (DNSAP) and the École supérieure des arts et médias de Caen (DNSEP).
Recent solo exhibitions include “Seconds rôles” (SECONDroom, Antwerp, BE, 2022); “EARLY TAPES” (Nighttimestory, Los Angeles, USA, 2021) and “Tout le monde ressemble à Victor” (organized in 2019 during his residency at Artothèque, Espaces d’art contemporain de Caen).
He has also presented his work in several two-person exhibitions. With Pauline Rima: ”Overkill, Overload, Overlove” (Galeries Lafayette, Caen, Fr, 2019). And more recently, with Jordan Derrien: ”BONJOUR (stockings, shoes, hairpins)”, curated by Claudia Dance-Wells (ArtLacuna, London, UK, 2021) and ”BONJOUR (the situation is not new)”, curated by Marie Gautier (W, Pantin, Fr, 2021).
He has curated several exhibitions: “Pauline Rima / J’ai fait la soustraction du rose dans ma vie”, MEDIUM ARGENT, Rouen (2022); “FAIT DIVERS”, group show, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Paris (2021); “Jérôme Boutterin / Boutures, sans égards.”, Paris (2020); “Du haut d’un arbre au milieu de la tempête”, group show, L’artothèque espaces d’art contemporain, Caen (2019); ”Jason Stopa / Hanging Gardens”, W, Pantin (2019).

Autumn 2022 residency

The starting point for this residency was a reflection based on the cneai collections = . This residency took place in time and space according to the “cadavre-exquis” or “rebound residency” principle. For this first residency, Norman artist-curator Antoine Duchenet approached the cneai=’s Multiples collection and its editorial holdings to create a wallpaper that allowed for a “flattening” of the reproduced works, their notices, criticisms and detour. In the process, new relationships were established between the works and their environment.
By creating two wall-sized double-page spreads, conceived as supplements to Belle Vue, the artist and curator takes a close look at several works in the collection, combining them with notices and critical texts produced especially for the occasion. His interventions are designed to reflect on and put the collection into perspective.