anna buno is an artist-researcher. Her work focuses on art inquiry, the archive, the memory contained in ordinary places, and contemporary drawing - particularly that which relates to the schema and the graphic note. Her lecture-performances and installations combine sound, video, drawing and objects.

anna buno is a visual artist. She has presented her work during residencies, such as the Création en cours scheme (2017) at Ateliers Médicis or the Iconoclasses (2018) at Galerie Duchamp. Her work has also been shown in group exhibitions such as Le dessin dans tous ses états (2019) at the Ronzier arts center in Valenciennes, Paysages Cassés (2016) at the Maison de la Culture in Amiens and Paysage sous influence (2016) at Carré noir au Safran in Amiens. anna buno founded HH Editions to create her multiples, artist books and microeditions in collaboration with graphic designer Fanny Muller. In particular, they designed the monograph espacements (2019) on anna buno’s plastic work, which retraces the creation of three cycles of drawings between 2016 and 2018 through residencies and a selection of exhibitions. anna buno recently presented the project “la veilleuse” for the biennial Watch this Space 11 (2021), a program dedicated to emerging creation by 50°nord - réseau transfrontalier d’art contemporain, and for the nuit européenne des musées (2022) at the Quadrilatère in Beauvais with the BRUNO collective she founded. She is conducting the latter project as part of a doctorate in research-creation with the laboratory of the Centre de Recherche en Art et Esthétique d’Amiens.

Anna buno’s research and creative work focuses on art inquiry, the archive, the memory contained in ordinary places, and contemporary drawing, particularly as it relates to the schema and the graphic note. Like maps and plans, her drawings are transpositions, descriptions and annotations of the space she occupies - a city, a domestic space, a place of passage… - but also its doubt, its memory, its fragility, through the alterations she makes to it. She criss-crosses places, strolls, retraces her steps, measures, takes notes, documents; she investigates a forgotten place, a memory-space of which she sometimes finds a fleeting trace. Drawing and territory merge in a palimpsest where erasure rubs shoulders with vestige. She constructs graphic and plastic proposals in a perpetual to-and-fro between the reality of the terrain, its transcription and its representation. Since 2020, anna buno has been working on an artistic investigation entitled [PARCELLE 435], the name given to a vacant lot on the land register, where a house she used to play in as a child - christened “la veilleuse” - once stood. Setting out to reclaim this building, which seems to have vanished from the ground and from memory, she collects and gives shape to the materials, images and stories revolving around this vanished house.