Vacuité #3 Dumbodelire

Alexandre Périgot
20.07.01 → 20.12.31

cneai = on line
The cneai = regularly releases a monthly artist video and thereby creates its Video Art Club: VACuity. The accessibility of these videos, which now belong to various collections, is free online through the cneai’s Vimeo video club.

Alexandre Périgot primarily creates installations and videos aiming to generate strong interaction with the audience. For several years, he has been developing work that reveals the mechanisms of the spectacular. The DUMBODELIRE project is an extension of the project Les pieds dans le rideau.

Watch DUMBODELIRE by clicking here.

Texts: “La panthère” (Jardin des plantes, Paris) by R.M. Rilke, narrated by Yves-Noël Genod, created for the exhibition DUMBOLDELIRE – Chapelle de Géneteil in July 2013.

Curator: Bertrand Godot

Co-production: Le Carré scène nationale et centre d’art contemporain, Château-Gontier, Solang Production Paris-Brussels.

{Online event accessible to everyone on Vimeo.}

{Le Carré} {Château-Gontier} {Solang Production Paris-Brussels}