Vacuité#2 Pheno tv – A constructed world

20.06.01 → 20.12.31

cneai = online
Le cneai = met en ligne chaque mois une vidéo d’artiste et crée ainsi son Video Art Club : VACuité. L’accessibilité de ces vidéos qui appartiennent aujourd’hui à différentes collections est gratuite en ligne sur le vidéo club Vimeo du cneai =.

A Constructed World present the launch of : Pheno Tv The 4 minute arguement, and : Pheno Tv Episode 1, Voice

Pheno is a disembodied voice in a real body. Philosophical texts speak through him. He loves experts, liking things to be clear even if he doesn’t understand. In a world that is closed but always on, in a here-and-now that most of us don’t care for, he’s always willing to incorporate the thoughts and actions of others and to be used and utilised to see us as together!

Pheno Tv makes a space to share the control panel with invited guests, interviewees, experts, friends and acquaintances to see if we can produce liveness, or a sense of being with each other. We rely on a disembodied voice in a real body, a material body, by telephone, internet, wires, waves and Tv with you.

Pheno Tv is an independent program that aligns with momentary relief from fear and panic. With invited guests the time is found to bring to light subjects such as the phenomenology of fear, cooking pasta, the disembodied voice, the real eroticised body and thoughts of erasure. Not that we can necessarily do much about the absurdity of the present, we can at least make a representation that includes us in with a sense of belongingness so that we know we are not alone.

{Online event accessible to all on Vimeo.}