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Kingsley Ng
22.04.11 → 22.05.07

Micromégas residence France/Hong-Kong

Hong Kong artist Kingsley Ng is in residence at cneai =, as part of Micromégas, a new exchange program between France and Hong Kong.

Kingsley Ng is an interdisciplinary artist and designer who focuses on conceptual, in-situ and participatory projects. He believes that art helps us to act on our environment, whether as viewers or participants. Like the wind grazing the grass, art is also a matter of experience and emotion. It reveals the invisible, gives form to the intangible. These principles are not motivated by a self-indulgent romance of art, but by the conviction that art can be socially relevant. Art provides a language for bringing social issues to life, and for meditating on ideas and impressions that can reach a wider audience. Ng received postgraduate training at Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains in France, an MSc Sustainable Design degree from the University of Edinburgh in the UK and a BFA New Media Art degree from Ryerson University in Canada.

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17 Bd Jourdan, 75014 Paris}

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