Les Ateliers itinéraires

Didier Clain
20.04.15 → 20.04.30

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To extend the “Contemporary Itinerary” program initiated with Didier Clain in partnership with cneai = and Arts & Health, La Manufacture, and not leave in the lurch the staff and users of the four hospitals in the Paris region with whom we collaborate, Didier Clain proposes “The Itinerary Workshops,” an online workshop program for patients, medical staff, and anyone interested.

On the schedule:

“Complete the drawings,” a participatory drawing workshop;

“Origami workshops,” illustrated instructions and video tutorials;

“Collectible drawings,” to print and display.

These workshops are accessible HERE and on social media using #cneai #itineraryworkshops #didierclain #aslm #cultureathome

Let’s meet online starting from April 15th!

If you wish to participate, use the #hashtags on social media or send us your drawings to: administration@cneai.com. Your drawings and origamis will be featured on the workshop partners’ social media: #cneai #itineraryworkshops #didierclain #aslm #cultureathome.


“Contemporary Itinerary” is an innovative journey for discovering and raising awareness about contemporary art, co-built with four hospitals in the Paris region. The “Contemporary Itinerary” invites participants — staff, users, visitors, artists — to take a step aside from healthcare settings, professional practices, and art. In a few workshops, the hospital residents were able to create a collective installation on-site, at the intersection of Didier Clain’s folded vocabulary and their own.

This program is produced by cneai = in partnership with Arts & Health, La Manufacture, with the support of the Berger-Levrault Foundation, REDEP 95, and the Ministry of Culture - Drac Île-de-France.

{Online event accessible to everyone.}

{Arts & Health, La Manufacture} {Berger-Levrault Foundation} {REDEP 95} {Ministry of Culture - Drac Île-de-France}

{Didier Clain}