La tête dans le cul de la lampe

Martin Desinde
21.07.05 → 21.07.08

Maison populaire
As part of the photographic commission “Breaths – Chronicles of Seine-Saint-Denis” and Martin Desinde’s residency at Cneai, Maison Populaire presents a series of four workshops on the theme of the cul-de-lampe and typographic fleuron.

From July 5th to 8th, Martin Desinde offers collective research sessions in the afternoons on the motif and ornament as a typographic language, particularly through the study and interpretation of the work of the six invited photographers: Randa Maroufi, Emma Cossée-Cruz, Zhen Chi, Thibault Brunet, Barbara Portailler, and Ismail Bazri. The outcome of these workshops will ultimately be integrated into the typography developed for the commission and made visible within the book published at its conclusion.

{Open to all - 16 years and older - Free - 6 to 8 people per workshop
Reservation and information via email at:}

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