Fol Conférence

Morgane BaffierGarance DorElizabeth Saint-JalmesEdouard SufrinNicholas Vargelis

CONFERRING IS PERFORMING - Towards a Sensitive Theoretical Thought: Conferences as a Performing Art.

Sunday, October 16th Schedule

3:30 PM Belles Vues — Cherchez l’auteur ! by Sylvie Boulanger, Sonia Soroya, Edouard Sufrin, Nicholas Vargelis, and others.
There will be images that resist and those that return, an exhibition of animal voices created by artists, samples of randomly emerging speeches covering the speaker’s responses to audience questions. The audience is the protagonist. It is enlightened, and without it, nothing happens. With it, the amalgamation of knowledge gets lost in listening, thinking, observing: tomorrow, you won’t think about it. The subject, if needed, is the book. The book that becomes a work and disperses authority, that undermines the myth of originality and the codes of decency in art. The book that writes a parallel, marginal, and therefore invigorating art history; that distributes values and solves enigmas related to artistic emergence. Cherchez l’auteur ! (title of Pierre Leguillon’s exhibition at cneai = in 2006.)

4:30 PM Condenser pour augmenter by Garance Dor
This conference will present poems to be made or scores, very brief textual forms designed by visual artists to support an activation. The term “script” is also used. These are written instructions to create pieces, performances, or actions. There are thus two artistic objects, the score, and its realization. The score is not just a project, although it anticipates the forthcoming work; it is also a matrix-work containing possibilities. Garance Dor specifically focuses on several scores from the 1960s that are remarkable for their conciseness. To test her hypotheses, she will conduct a number of experiments in which members of the audience will be witnesses and protagonists.

5:30 PM Performance source by Anne Dreyfus, Elizabeth Saint-Jalmes, Clélia Barbut
Source Performance is a future database dedicated to performance archives, a project that blends scientific knowledge and the world of the senses. In discussing its construction, its genesis, questions arise: How to classify performance archives? On what criteria? By naming formats, creating categories, are we not going against the very essence of performance? What does performance do to memory, transmission, preservation? And conversely, what does the archive do to reality, improvisation, the living? This conference is thus an attempt to recall the profoundly experimental, vibrant, and overflowing nature of performance. It is also an attempt to question its relationships—friction, tension, entanglement, hybridization—with the archive. This speech is an experience of reality that intertwines texts, drawings, photos, movements within a given time.

6:30 PM Conférence sur le minimalisme by Morgane Baffier
Morgane Baffier develops performative conferences involving drawing and writing in a universe that is as much political as it is poetic. How to progress? How to live in a harmonious world? What are the origins of love? are some of the questions she attempts to answer. Playing alternately the expert or the amateur, she uses the authority of a lecturer and encourages her audience to believe her. At FOL CONFERENCE, she will focus on minimalistic lifestyle as a thought movement and propose concrete methods to live by the famous mantra “Less is more.”

7:30 PM Yoko et Marcelby Garance Dor and Gerard Vidal
Yoko and Marcel is a conference and a dialogue. The characters are real artists, but their meeting is purely fictional. The speakers are researcher-actors. Before us, they evoke their connections but also their dissensions. The two protagonists are brought together by a researcher in her thesis. A few years ago, she developed performances based on Yoko’s writings. Only one image remains. Since then, she has edited and met Marcel. They all produce mental constructions. A conference-performance on the trace, the project, and the power of imagination.

FOL CONFERENCE is a series of performative conferences that explore, thematize, or replay the central research activities of cneai = and the Générateur de Gentilly, namely questioning the standardized norms that define artwork, its production, and dissemination.

A co-production Le Générateur x cneai =

Opening of THE WALLS exhibition
Sunday, October 16, 2022

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