Bulletins Art & Project

Marie-José BurkiLéandre Bernard-BrunelJean-Charles BureauÉtienne ChambaudFlorentine CharonÉléonore FalseYannick LangloisVictoire Thierrée
20.11.01 → 20.11.30

In 2020, cneai =, in collaboration with the Beaux-Arts de Paris, published eight new bulletins. They are addressed to recipients and distributed by mail.

In 2020, cneai =, in collaboration with the Beaux-Arts de Paris, released eight new bulletins, continuing an editorial project initiated between 1968 and 1989 by Geert van Beijereen and Adriaan van Ravestjein (from the Art & Project gallery, Amsterdam). These bulletins, produced in an edition of 50 copies, are a continuation of this publishing endeavor.

The original edition of bulletins 1-156 was published from September 1968 to November 1989 by the Adriaan van Ravejsteijn gallery and Ton Geerts. They consisted of one or several double-sided offset printed sheets. Sent free of charge to an address file of eight hundred recipients, the Art & Project bulletin operated as a creative space, gathering diverse interventions from some of the most important artists of that time: Bas Jan Ader, Alighiero Boetti, Marcel Broodthaers, Stanley Brouwn, Daniel Buren, Gilbert & George, Douglas Huebler, Imi Knoebel, Richard Long, Sol LeWitt, Allen Ruppersberg, and Lawrence Weiner, among others.

In 2004, for the exhibition of the Bulletins at cneai = (curated by Christophe Cherix), Continuous Project created new bulletins following the Art & Project model, dedicated notably to artists Allen Ruppersberg, Kelley Walker, and Aleksandra Mir. These were printed and displayed. Christoph Cherix and Continuous Project also contributed to this initiative.

Allen Ruppersberg reactivated the Art & Project bulletins by making photocopies of the copies he had received over the years (bearing his postal address). These photocopies were made available to the viewers, who could decide to take them home in a designated folder, thus creating their own collection. An artist banner themed around the Art & Project bulletins was associated and displayed.

In addition to the new bulletins produced for the exhibition, cneai = created two ephemera:

Allen Ruppersberg, Conversations (Part II, 2004): photocopies of the artist’s received Art & Project bulletin copies, a folder accompanied by the artist’s double-sided business card (cneai = edition, unlimited printing).
Continuous Project, Continuous bulletin #1: a photocopy of the first bulletin created by Allen Ruppersberg to launch their adoption of the bulletin form (unlimited printing).
The 2020 bulletins, a collaboration between cneai = and the Beaux-Arts de Paris, were created in an edition of 50 copies each. These were distributed by mail to their recipients and were crafted by Léandre Bernard-Brunel, Jean-Charles Bureau, Marie-José Burki, Étienne Chambaud, Florentine Charon, Éléonore False, Yannick Langlois, and Victoire Thierrée.

Curated by Marie-José Burki, Sylvie Boulanger, and Nathalie Lacroix, in partnership with the Beaux-Arts de Paris as part of the cneai = residence at the Atelier Devot.

{Bulletins mailed to recipients.}

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