Special issue of the visual poetry magazine edited by Pascal Doury
Color offset book reproducing artists’ drawings and press images in two-color process
24 x 17 cm, unfolded
Edition of 1000 copies
Edited by the artist, Dora-Diamant Doury and Sylvie Boulanger
Published by Al Dante Paris with Cneai Chatou, 2005
35,00 €
On sale at Les Presses du réel

Second album Patate in tribute to the late Pascal Doury, published from the final document produced by him, completed by Dora-Diamant Doury, Olivia Clavel, Sylvie Boulanger, Laurent Cauwet and Jacques-Elie.
Artist, image collector and publisher, Pascal Doury has created a varied body of work. He invited some fifty participants to produce the second issue of Patate magazine. Writers, artists, poets and anonymous contributors are brought together in six hundred and twenty-four extraordinary pages of artistic and literary interventions.