Fanny Gicquel is primarily interested in the concepts of relationships, language, care, and intimacy. She creates environments in which she experiments with presence between bodies, space, and the time of the exhibition in order to create a new syntax that questions our modes of relationships. Her sculptural works, often integrated into performances combining choreography and improvisation, evoke a kind of permeability between the self and the other, the inside and the outside, the human and the non-human. Fanny Gicquel imagines the world as a dynamic constellation of entanglements, intersections, and interferences. A graduate of EESAB Rennes in 2018, Fanny Gicquel (born in 1992) has presented her work in several solo exhibitions, including at Passerelle, Center for Contemporary Art in Brest (FR), The left right Place in Reims (FR), and at Hua international gallery in Berlin(DE) and Beijing(CH). She has also been presented in Unworlding, a special section of Frieze (UK) organized by Cédric Fauq, as well as at the Art Souterrain Festival in Montreal, at Buropolis in Marseille, and at the Beiqiu Contemporary Art Museum in China. In 2022, she won the best exhibition award at the Gallery Weekend Beijing for her exhibition «Now, and then» in Beijing. She then went on to a research and creation residency at Fieldwork Marfa in Texas thanks to the Hostcall prize she won in 2021. Currently, Fanny Gicquel is a laureate of the Art Norac prize at Frac Bretagne, which will allow her to present a solo exhibition at Temple Bar Gallery+Studio in Dublin in May 2023. Furthermore, she is in residence at the Archives of Art Criticism in Rennes where she is working on an ambitious collaborative and performative project.