Yona Friedman
21.06.26 → 22.03.07

Memorial da resistancia de Sao Paulo (Brésil)
Curated by Ana Pato following her residency at cneai = in 2019, the exhibition features a selection of Yona Friedman’s work at the Memorial da Resistência in São Paulo, Brazil.

Films, drawings, collages… Among the works are images illustrating his major projects, such as the City of Space and the Museum Without Building, as well as the iconic manuals - a series of comic book publications created in partnership with institutions like UNESCO. These addressed fundamental issues of daily life such as the right to housing, the environment, and the economy.

The exhibition will also feature a series of urban actions and interventions in partnership with artistic collectives casadalapa and Paulestinos, as well as public meetings at SESC Bom Retiro.

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