Le Livre de Go, 2ème partie – Ce qu’il reste d’un objet qui disparaît

Two 63 cm x 90 cm sheets, folded and uncut, silk-screened on both sides (text), silk-screened cover, bound with a staple
23 cm x 32 cm
Designed by Christophe Lemaitre and Spassky Fischer
Graphic design: Spassky Fischer
Published with the support of FNAGP and Frans Masereel Centrum (Belgium)

In December 2012, after a year’s occupation of one of the spaces at the Jan van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, Netherlands), the Jan van Eyck go club was dismantled and disappeared. The livre de go project begins where this aesthetic club, materialized in the contours of stones and game boards, left off. The go book is a book in the making, edges constantly growing and dispersing.

This second part of the project brings together Olivier Cochet (Biologist), Colas Duflo (Philosopher), Aurélien Mole (Artist) and Kendall Walton (Philosopher) for four conversations exploring different theoretical developments addressed by the Jan van Eyck go club: the philosophical definition of play, the superimposed figures of the work of art and the play object, the work of art as a pretend play accessory, formal, physical and biological continuities from the inert to the animate.