Collection Multiples

The Multiple collection includes over 2,000 original works and multiples published by cneai = and created by guest artists: prints, serigraphs, digital prints and objects.

This collection consists of over 2500 original works and multiples edited by cneai =, which are a testament to the art center’s production activities. These works were created and produced during artists’ residencies at cneai = since 1997. They have often been borrowed by museums and exhibition spaces and have become part of numerous collections, including those of CNAP (France), Fonds Kandinsky (France), FRAC Aquitaine (France), Musée de la Gravure (Belgium), Power Station of Art (Shanghai), Mu.zee (Belgium), and others.

These works are regularly featured in artistic and cultural education projects. Such projects are at the core of the art center’s activities, taking place in schools as well as in partnership with social and medical organizations. These collective creation and/or exhibition projects featuring the cneai =’s Multiples collection are showcased in educational institutions, tailored to the specific skills of young individuals (from general to professional pathways) and the accompanying artist. Throughout the school year, exhibition visits provide a genuine cultural journey, combining the exploration of contemporary practices with curatorial choices.